What is the fee to enter?
The contest entry fee is $20.

How are the photos judged?
Photos are judged by originality of the photo, expressiveness of the child, photographic qualities (such as lighting and angle), and the overall beauty of the child.

Who are the judges?
A panel of 3-5 judges, comprised of professional photographers and/or child media experts (the “Panel”) will select the winning photograph. Determination of a winner by the Panel will be final.

Does my photograph have to be of my own child?
A friend or family member may, as a gift, pay the $20.00 Fame and Fortune Contest entry fee for a photograph that was previously submitted for consideration in the Great American Photo Contest $2500 Monthly Contest, however, if that photograph is selected as the winner of the Fame and Fortune Photo Contest, the prize money will be paid directly to the parent or legal guardian who originally registered the photograph as part of the Great American Photo Contest $2500 Monthly Contest.

When are the winners announced?
Winners will be determined within 60 days after the end of the Contest; however, Great American reserves the right to take more or less time to determine the winner as it deems necessary in its sole discretion.

What is the grand prize?
The winner will receive a United States Government Zero Bond with a maturity value of $25,000.00.

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