The judges have decided! Each one of these photos won $25,000!
Xavier, $25,000 Winner, 2015-2016
I was so excited to get the call about Xavier winning the Fame and Fortune Contest. We are excited to use the winnings towards his entrepreneur small business. Thanks so much for choosing our photo.

-- Tiara B.
Sterling Kian, $25,000 Winner, June 2014
I was thrilled beyond belief when I received a phone call from Josh, the CEO himself, notifying us that our son, Sterling Kian, has won the Great American Photo Contest Fame and Fortune Contest! I'm SO THANKFUL that I entered the contest because I was very hesitant at first to enter it, as I wasn't sure whether the whole contest was a hoax or not. But now I am excited to report that it is veryu real, and we are expecting to receive our grand prize winnings very soon! The money will be a great addition to investing towards Sterling's future education. We had taken the picture of our little man wearing a cowboy hat with the sentiment that he is our "Persian Cowboy" because my husband is very "Texan" & I'm a "Persian-American", and it seemed to be a reasonable conclusion that when mixed together, it would produce a Persian Cowboy! I am still shocked that we won, yet flattered and honored beyond words! Thank you, I am so grateful for this amazing blessing!

-- Stella R.
Jasmine, $25,000 Winner, June 2013
I was overly excited to hear that my daughter had won the contest. This picture was taken at my dear friends' wedding. It was always one of my favorite pictures of Jasmine. Jasmine is so happy that she won. I have always told her how beautiful she was. And now she can't deny. We are more than excited! Thank you, to everyone that helped make this possible!

-- Breanna Mills
Kingston, $25,000 Winner, June 2012
I was beyond words when I got the call from the Great American Photo Contest. I had to have them repeat to me twice that I had really won and what the prize money was. I thought, maybe this is a hoax and someone wants something from me, but no, this was the real deal. The photograph of Kingston that I took is very special to me. It is actually hanging in our bedroom already. I am big on celebrating first birthdays. Kingston was turning one and having a sock monkey party. I wanted to do something creative and different for his invitation so I took this for the front of the invitation. I knew I thought my photo cute and my little man was adorable, but was it enough to win a contest? It still blows me away that we won! We are so grateful and excited.

-- Wendy Kathleen McElfish
Chloe, $25,000 Winner, June 2011
We took this picture a few months after my husband left with the Air Force for a 6 month stint. Our friend's mom took us up to the mountains where the poppies were blooming, and she snapped a few shots so we could send some fresh pictures to my husband, knowing he wouldn't see the kids for several more months. Soon after the pictures were taken, I saw an advertisement for a photo contest and entered a picture of each kid just for fun. When I received the call from Josh to tell me that Chloe won, I thought someone was pulling a prank on me! I had completely forgotten that I entered the photos. I am still shocked and extremely honored that my sweet girl was chosen to win the grand prize! Thank you!

-- Sarah Ennis
Sadie Claire, $25,000 Winner, December 2010
See video of Great American's CEO delivering the check to Sadie Claire and her family:

Samantha, $25,000 Winner, July 2010
What a wonderful surprise it was to find out that our Samantha had won The Great American Photo Contest! When I first saw the picture my husband had taken of her looking over my shoulder in the snow, I knew it would be one that I would share with all of my family and friends for sure, she being so cute and pathetic in her little snow suit and being out in her very first snow. So when I found out about an online photo contest, I easily narrowed my picture choice down to this picture, and took a chance. When my husband, Brian, found out that she had won the photo contest, his first comment was, "Now we have to blow up that picture and frame it!" It having won Samantha a large amount of money was as equally exciting for us as she having been chosen the winner among so many applicants. The money will be a huge leap in the funds that we have set aside for her college education. If she knew what college was, she would probably tell you that she was ready for it now, even at three-years-old. Samantha is a bright one, and I am very happy to have additional help in getting her the education that she deserves. I want to again thank The Great American Photo Contest for this opportunity.

-- Wendy Sykes
Maria, $25,000 Winner, January 2010
I will never forget that spring afternoon when Francisco took this picture of my daughter Maria Paz, he captured our little angel's personality perfectly. My husband didn’t have any doubt that she would be a winner and convinced me to send this picture to the Great American Photo Contest. So that’s what I did without thinking that a few months later I will receive a call that she won the Grand Prize towards her college education! This is the best prize she could ever win. I can’t believe that at only 3 years old she earned an opportunity to go to college. Thank you Great American!

-- María Agustina
Porter, $25,000 Winner, July 2009
Carrie Wood of Statesboro, Georgia never thought her baby Porter would be bringing home thousands of dollars at such a tender age. But when she entered his photo into the Great American Photo Contest’s Fame and Fortune contest, that is just what happened! This beautiful photo, taken by Porter’s Aunt April on the afternoon of his Christening, was instantly recognized by Porter’s grandfather as a sure winner. As Carrie recalls, “When Porter’s grandfather, Papa Jim, saw this particular photo he sent me the information for the Great American Photo Contest and insisted that I enter Porter’s picture in the contest. I did, with the immediate thought that it wouldn’t win. WOW! I was wrong! The day I received my call from Josh telling me that Porter’s photo had been chosen out of thousands as the Grand Prize winner of the Fame and Fortune contest I was SHOCKED and FLATTERED all at the same time!”
See video of Great American's CEO delivering the check to Porter and his family:

Addison, $25,000 Winner, January 2009
The first time we saw the photo of Addi, that our dear friend Deahna Brockman took, we were completely overwhelmed and captivated by the beauty that she captured. Deahna later told us that she had entered the photo into a contest and of course we were very flattered, but we never thought much more about it. When we got the phone call from Deahna, telling us that Addi's photo was selected as one of 5 finalists for the Fame and Fortune Contest, I was in complete disbelief, and thought she was joking with me. When all of us were on a conference call together to hear that the photo had won I was so overcome with emotion that I started to cry. Thinking how amazing it is that our friend's photo of our beautiful little girl was selected amongst hundreds of entries, and the joy we felt when we were told that she won the Grand Prize towards her college education, left us speechless. We always thought that Addison was a beautiful child, but it was truly an honor to hear that she won a National Contest. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
See video of Great American's CEO delivering the check to Addison and her family:

Laurel, $25,000 Winner, July 2008
This winning photo was taken by Audra, a single mother living in Florida, who works full time as a bartender and is also studying full time to become an interior designer and has overcome many challenges in her life. The same can be said for her daughter Laurel, who has overcome a severe injury suffered at day care as an eight month old baby, including a skull fracture and visual impairment that doctors thought she would never recover from. According to her doctors, it is a "miracle" that Laurel is now perfectly healthy. Audra describes her as a "magical child, a very special girl with a sparkle in her eye and incredible charm to match". We couldn't agree more!
See video of Great American's CEO Josh Gillon delivering the $25,000 check to Audra and Laurel!

Autumn, $25,000 Winner, January 2008
“I could not believe it when they called me! Out of thousands of photos, they picked my picture of Autumn. They told me that I won the grand prize, a $25,000 United States Savings Bond. I was so shocked and excited that I got goose bumps. Of course when they asked me if I would use the prize to pay for Autumn’s college when she is ready, I said ‘Absolutely!’ That was exactly what I wanted to do with it.” -- Yolanda H, Hawaii