Our Stories

Meet my beautiful daughter Destinee.She is 22 months old.She is so much fun to be around. Her favorite color is blue, she loves to play with blocks,ride her Minnie mouse car.She has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen,her smile will brighten up any room she goes in.

Leah Amazing Darnell Green
Leah Amazing Darnell Green was born June 14, 2017 to the parents of Jasmin Wells And Leonard Green. Every since this angel has been blessed apon our family she has been sweet, loving, and funny. She has one of the prettiest smiles a baby can ever have. She brightens a person worst day.

Ke’liyah B. Galloway
Ke’liyah is a miracle baby and she was conceived around the time my cousin that’s close to my heart died. He died twice actually more than that. He first died Dec 31 to New Years coming in. Got out the hospital for a month which is feb and died again March 25. My baby was conceive March 21 and her due dat was Christmas and New Year’s Day. She came early she was 36 weeks and he was going on 36 years of age she was born 11/29/17 exact time was 11:29 am WOW WHAT A STORY. PLEASE VOTE FOR HER.

Audrianna was born at 28 weeks and 3 days. She weighed 2lbs 8oz and 14.4 inches long. She was born with bleeding in the brain. She has had 14 brain surgeries. She has ceberal palsy. She is 2 uears old and can say over 100 words and is a beautiful miracle baby. She is such a happy baby. She loves being with her mommy and daddy and brothers.

Harper was so excited to meet her family, she was welcomed into the world 5 weeks early. After spending some time in the NICU, she came home happy and healthy. She is now 6 months old and is the happiest little lady!

My name Ian liberty T I was born early and was put at life or death situation before I could even hold mommy 4lbs and 10 oz born within hours bit every day away from her was the longest heart breaking times of all but she’s a fighter the smartest one year old I know sand got to come home on the day of her baby shower I guess she didn’t want the party to start without her lol she’s a Gemini that has a loving family African American and Laos a great way of expressing liberty is she’s a (sour patch kid) in real life plz go like A physic once paid of my family’s meal of 43$ because she said when we walked in the room she felt a vibe or presence of some great that will come from Libby one day and gave me her business card, the world needs to see her she’s an amazing little girl *