Our Stories

Henry Tipps
Hi my name is Henry. My mommy and daddy prayed for me for a long time. Mommy promised God thatif He gave me to them that she would give me back... and here I am am! My name means ruler and young warrior (For Christ). I bring smiles and cuddles to everyone I meet. When I grow up I will be a someone who encourages and builds up all those around me!

AerraBella Octavia
My name is AerraBella Octavia, I am 5weeks old and already have such a personality. I smile alot and love to swing I enjoy having my eyes wide open and observing my surroundings for I am very curious. I love tummy time and to ride in my stroller. I enjoy spending time with my grandmas who love to spoil me and I love to be spoiled. Most of all I love my mommy and daddy but, its no secret I am a daddies girl at heart.

Xavier Johnson Jr
Xavier Jr is a true character!!! You wouldn't even know he was born a month and 1/2 early by the way he laughs and moves like he's been ready for the world.. Xavier loves to eat laugh and play. His favorite thing to do is smile he can lay back and smile all day. I wouldn't change it for the world.. That's smile will lighten up a dark day!!!

Hello to all, My name is Ezekiel & I am 11 months old. I already love to dance and listen to music. I enjoy watching my abc videos as well. My mommy decided to enter me into this cute baby contest because she knows I have a huge chance at winning. Please vote for me! I would really appreciate your support. Thank you!

Khalil is 13 months hes such a energetic outgoing ball of joy!!! He has been walking since 7 months and is talking more he loves telling everyone hi amd playing with his big brother...

My name is Eleanor, but everyone calls me Ellie! I love to smile and to outsmart mommy and daddy every day! I also love to watch Blue's Clues every morning with breakfast.