Our Stories

Jordan smith
He is the most happest 8 month old in the world always smiles that big bright smile loves his momma and dada so much so please vote for him he is such a ham

this is kamelia she is one month old, she is the happiest most smiling baby you will ever meet. she loves teen titans and any sort of attention thrown her way.

I don't know where to start with this beautiful angel she is my first and now I finally understand when people say children are they best gift god could ever give you Malaysia was only 3 pounds when she was born and boy when I tell you guys she is a fighter she really is she deserves this because I believe god made my baby beautiful inside and out and strong possibly stronger than me because they whole time she was in they hospital she just her smiling kept me goin and I just ask god how did he make something so small be so tough that smile is so pure and beautifull and even if she don't win it's still worth it to show my beautiful baby off is enough for me

Kaden Dewayne
My name is Kaden, I like to watch paw patrol with my brother Zay. My favorite foods are oranges, and the butter from Texas road house. I am a happy 2 year old, that is full of life and energy, so vote for me !

Hi I'm Wesley! I was born with a heart condition called TGA and had open heart surgery when I was just 4 days old!!! I'm a little fighter and now a healthy 6 month old! My parents think I am just the cutest,strongest, little boy ever!!

Genesis angel
Genesis Angel . She is 3 1/2 months old and she is already so active she literally smiles for the camera of course when she's ready but she's such a loving adorable baby girl we couldn't have asked for a better angel from god . She only cries when she's hungry or wet and she's just amazing .