Our Stories

Evelyn Hadaway
Evelyn is 2yrs old and she likes to go to the park & loves to climb on anything. She enjoys helping around the house watering flowers and playing in the sprinkler.

I'm a miracle baby! Born 3 months early on June 20th, 2017. Weighing in at 1 lb 13 oz.! My tiny foot would compare to a dime, and my tiny hand would barely fit around my mama's finger. I had to endure 3 long months on full life support and, 13 months total on oxygen. Made it through with flying colors. I'm a fighter for sure! VOTE FOR THIS BEAUTY!

Josiah JoRon Saunders
Josiah just full of love hugs laughter and he love to cuddle . Smiles all day every day very smart lil guy catches on really fast everyone loves having him around wonder what he going to do next he just loves life and loves to learn . He love to show you what he learned his favorite thing is his ABC’s and he loves to count. I just Love his life and the joy he brings. Omg before I forget he loves anything to do with music singing dancing drums u can name it piano ect... he very in tuned.

Connor Rutledge
My sons name is Connor James Rutledge he is 4 years old he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer at 2 months old and has passed away dec 21 2019 at age 3 handsome /strongest soldier man I know and want to make him known for him fight h

Aysiah thao
Hello there ' my baby daughter name is Aysiah Thao (pronounce like Asia ) . She is Hmong . Aysiah was born on April 9, 2019 . Aysiah is about to be 2 years old this year in April. Aysiah is a happy baby , she has an older sister who's 5 and a brother age 4. She enjoys being with her siblings. Please vote for aysiah

Nash n Noaj
Our names are Nash and Noah we are now 15 months old and love getting into everything. Please vote for us to win every vote counts! Please please please :) from the both of us.