Our Stories

Snowtra is a happy 9 month old. She loves bathes, her “cheeto’s, and chewing on everything. She is breaking her first tooth, finally!! Give her a vote, you won’t regret it!

Hello Everyone My Name Is King. I Am One Years Old. my Favorite Color Is Green And Yellow And I Like Yo Eat... I'm Really Cute So Vote For Me And I Will Really Appreciate It. Thank You Ladies!!!!

Baby girl loves to dance and play with her cousins since she has no little brother or sister yet. Everyday is the best day to wake up to because the first thing she loves to do is eat eat eat. Food don't hold her down and dancing it off is her hobby. Lol please vote for her cause one day this little dance will need a bigger house to dance around in??

Natas is 5 months old and will be turning the the big #1 in June. He is very photogenic and is always happy even when he wakes up. He's a very sweet loving little boy

Baby Joshua is 1 year old and is starting his new career in modeling ?? He is full of joy and will light up a room with his smile and laughter! He loves to take walks with mommy and enjoys running with his older sisters. He enjoys meeting new people and makes it his duty to wave HI to every one he passes by daily?? VOTE FOR BABY JOSHUA!

Mila! Just as her family calls her it's a super energetic and happy baby, a year a go while her mom was pregnant Mila almost didn't make it to this world with her 22 weeks it seemed like the pregnancy was about to end the DR said he needed it a miracle but Mila was a worrier, DR said if she makes it she will be premature baby but Mila was a worrier, she made it healthy and at 40 weeks and now she is 9 months and it's the biggest blessing to her family