Our Stories

Hi friends! My name is Kaylese Kelly. I'm 2 years old, so on to be 3. I was born on August 27th, 2015. I'm shy until I get to know you. I adore my big brother, I'm a DIVA, happy and enjoy each day. Vote for me

Juliana “Jules” Colbert
Hi everyone, my name is Juliana, but you can call me Jules. I’m a precious little angel and I would love for you to vote for me. I was born on June 9,2018 at 6:44am. I am loved and adored by my family and I want my spirit to spread joy to you all!! I hope I can count on a vote from you!! Have a great day !!! ??????????

Angelica Harmony Joy Dalson
Hi my name is Angelica Harmony Joy Dalson,I also go by *SugarBear*! I am 10 months old. I am native American. I like to laugh and smile and play with my older cousin Myrrah. I'm learning how to crawl more and trying to walk. Please vote for me! Thank you #NativeAmericanBaby #ShowThisNativeBabyGirlSomeLove

Chase is almost 7 months old. He has a great personality and is the happiest baby ever! He can say hi, yeah, dada, mama, baba and ok. He can roll over, scoot, crawl a little, laugh, hold his bottle, hug and more. In October he was almost due early because of a car accident I got into right after leaving my appointment from checking on him. He made it and is very healthy.

Levi is one year old and always on the move ready to explore. He is a very happy boy and will always cheer your day up with one of his big smiles. He is an only child but loves racing the dog down the hall or looking out the window with the cat.

Jah'Bless Smith
Hi my son name is Jah'Bless Smith and he would love to win this contest. He is a very energetic person who loves to sing and watch sports. Thanks for all the support!