Our Stories

Sophia Grace Otis
After ten years of trying to concieve, when fertility drugs and Dr.s couldn't help. Me and my husband of 12 years had our little girl by the grace of God .

Giovanni yousaep svay-makowski
Giovanni is adorable, he loves to eat everything i cook and feed him by tiny bites or using bearcook to process the food and feed him. He love teethijng gloves, happy tummy, gummy bear song, baby shark, dance, cuddle, snuggle, hugs, kiss, grabs everything he has his hands on. But he is healthy like an ox.

This little ray of sunshine brings smiles to everyone's faces. Hes your typical boy. He loves working on cars, feeding the goats and splashing around in mud puddles!!

Prince James
Hello everyone this is my son Prince James he is one turning two in may he is a very fun smart active happy baby . He loves to take pictures and be in the mirror or anything he can see his reflection in .

Grayson is 4 months old he loves to talk, watch spongebob,and of course eat. He smiles non stop and loves attention, he is starting to learn how to play woth toys. He us very alert and smart.

Baby Truth is our pride and joy, we knew he would be something special. From day one no matter what the rain may bring, he keeps a smile on his face. Our Happy baby.