Our Stories

Royalty Monet Collins was born October 7 and she is the perfect for our family. She is always happy and loves hers Bubba's. Everyone falls in love with her the moment they meet her. We love you RoRo

Bella muñoz
Bella is a smart happy, outgoing baby she has a smile that attracts attention. She has her days but most of the time she is herself. Bella is a cutie pie and full of love.. We as first time parents couldn't ask for more she is perfect ??

Devrick is a handsome seven month old baby boy who is very special to me his father was murdered one year ago and never got a chance to meet this little guy his big bright blue eyes and golden colored hair makes me think he is my angel baby I get so many people telling me to put him in a contest so here we are please vote for his picture

Krishank Maniyar
hello everyone.. I am Krishank Maniyar.I was born on 7th March 2017. I am 6 months old. I like to play with rattles. I am active and cute. I like to roam outside. I like to sit and watch around.

My name is Addilyn Renee Tate. I was born on August 14th. So I'm about a month and a half old. I love eating and getting baths. Laying on my mommy and daddy's chest is my favorite position when I'm chilling. When I left the hospital I had Jaundice. Having that makes it hard for my body to heal my bruises from birth and hard for me to want to eat, which means no dirty diapers for mommy to change. I'm now free from that and on the road to a healthy and happy baby.

Aiden Bradley Voss was borm sept 3rd 2017 a little over 6 weeks early. We had a growth ultrasound on August 30th to find out he wasn't growing and was only measuring 30 weeks even though his gestational age was 34 weeks. I was immediately rushed to the hospital to be induced due to IUGR and high blood pressure. After being in labor for 3 days I had a C section. Aiden came out only weighing 3 lbs 1 oz! So tiny! Thankfully he was healthy and breathing on his own. We are so blessed to hsve this little boy. He is currently in the special care nursery at Childrens. He needs to keep growing before he can come home. He is such a loving, adorable miracle to us. Please vote for him :) Thank you