Our Stories

Landaysia lee
This beautiful baby girl name is land Asia she was born January 16th 2002 in Tallahassee Florida she enjoys SpongeBob PAW Patrol and Dora the Explorer she loves to dance and sing

Maddox is 4 years old. He is beautiful, smart, & funny. So intuitive and loving. God blessed his father, grandparents, (Gary & Dru R.) and I, more than I could have imagined, when Maddox (a.k.a 'Max'/'My Chipmunk' was born.

Isabella Grace Lawrence
Hello my name is Isabella, I'm 10 months old and I love to play with my toys, crawl around my house, cuddle with my mommy and daddy and make funny noises. I have a big brother who just turned 4 and enjoys sharing his toys and playing with me.

Melody Rosales
Melody graced our family on 08/08/18 exactly on her due date. she is my first and is also my rainbow baby. She super curious and loves to laugh she’s has been such a blessing in my family’s life.

My daughter Prue..taken from me by a rich family only seen and held her once for 10 minutes, I have a criminal record, tattoos etc..and her mom is a Doctor, never heard from them or seen them in 5 yrs...she 6 now, and i always think of her..I Love You Baby,... sad

Colton Jack Harlin
My Son! Of 8 years of age in this picture..getting Ready for football practice! Ready to kick some ass After our pep talk and some drills. Still my Baby Boy. Game face.