Our Stories

Jaiden Mattox
Jaiden Anthony Mattox was born on March 28, 2018 in Jasper, Texas at 8:32 a.m. He’s a very bright eyes and active baby. Your votes would truly be appreciated for this bundle of handsomeness ??

Baby Claire is the happiest of babies, and always brings a smile to peoples faces. From the begining people have said how beautiful and happy she looks, and that she could win contests! Will you vote for this big blued eyed baby to help her win!?!

Gracianna was born 9 weeks early, when she was born she couldn’t breathe on her own and needed support, she also had a collapsed lung and received two blood transfusions! She is a strong baby girl who is absolutely beautiful and our blessing!

Ari'Yah Felton
I was born in October 2017. Im already 8 months old and im almost already walking and have a mouth full of teeth for my beautiful smile. Im a bundle of joy and i love listening to music with my mommy and daddy. Then i love to eat big girl cereal. Im on the way to becoming the talk of the town. Im a happy baby and sometimes i dont like to be told No. That word makes ne alittle cranky. Im also very smart as well. Im growing so fast and loving my life. Thank you everyone!!!

Miss brooklyn is a Beautiful vibrant young lady who at age 2 is very smart for her age. She has 3 older brothers that she enjoys playing with. But she also enjoys dancing and singing...

Milani Hicks
Hi Everyone! My name is princess milani and i am almost 7mos most people say i look like the original gerber baby but a bit golden! vote for me if you think im am the cutest baby!!!