Our Stories

My name is Addalynn people call me Addy. I like to drink my milk and stick out my tounge in my free time. I also enjoy sleeping and chewing on mamas hand. Vote for me pweeassse

Hey my name is Jaxon. My family calls me Jumping Jax. I was born January 15,2018. I am 6 months old. I am very happy and energetic. I love my mommy and daddy very much. Any who vote for me so I can have a promising future.

Delana is 11months old she loves to play and use her imagination. Her daddy is a hard working cop and her mommy stays with her 24/7. She has 5 older bothers that love her to death. She is really a wonderful baby and has such a big personality. Please vote for me she says lol

Layla is the most sweetest baby ever! She is sassy and so funny! She will make anyone’s heart melt just by smiling. She brings so much light to the lives of everyone who loves her

Emmett Lucas teem
Hello, my name is Emmett I was born December 17, 2017 4.5 pounds 17 inches I love to bable and laugh! I'm now 18 pounds and 27 inches long Im growing fast! I'm only 7 months old!

Amir jair westmoreland
Amir is a 22 month old energetic, happy, funny, adorable, lovable little boy with big hair lol he loves to sing, dance, help you cook and he breathes basketball hes also a hugger and kisser a definite ladies man #chocolatedrop