Our Stories

Cillian Sholes
Hello everyone!(: My name is Cillian and I am almost 3 months old! I love to smile and kick so much and spending time with mommy & Daddy?? please vote for me, I would greatly appreciate it ??????

Eliana Furtado
I didn’t know what love was until my sweet baby girl came into my life. She can brighten up anyone’s day and is so happy all of the time! Vote for Eliana Rose ??

Cory Roberts
Cory was born 7lbs & was 20.5in long! He has deep ocean blue eyes and strawberry blond hair! His favorite cartoon is Mickey Mouse and he loves exploring! His smile lights up the room and his laugh will melt your heart!

Maurietta is a Miracle from God. She was born a month early and she survived. However, she stopped breathing twice before she was even a month old and we almost lost our Princess. God is Great and we are so blessed to have her. She is Amazing please vote for our Beautiful Miracle

Leilani Meysi Grace Crawley
Leilani was born January 23, 2017. She is very bright and funny. She loves to dance variety of music and her favorite movie is "Sing". She is the youngest out of a house of 3 children. She loves loves outdoors and dressing up and taking pictures.

A'Leah Marie
A'Leah Marie is 3 Months Old Shes A Very Happy Baby She's Always Smiling When I Walk In The Room She Make Me Feel Like They Happiest Person In The World.. 06/07/18