Our Stories

he was my miracle baby, I was told he was going to have Down syndrome when he was born. just take a look at how healthy that boy looks. I am so blessed with such a healthy Bean!

Gemma Gurney
This is Gemma. 5 yrs ago we had a very special little girl enter this world. She was a quiet yet rambunctious baby. Gemma has Severe non verbal autism. She is very smart now at the age of five.and her vocabulary is at about 7 words intelligible. She’s always had a soft heart and to feel she’s done wrong just destroys her feelings. She’s an angel. A special angel who tries hard to make sense and to fit in with her surroundings. Every day is a stride forward in life.this is her baby photo.please vote for Gemma!!!!

Nora rose ?? is seven months old. Has big blue eyes like her daddy and they are mesmerizing. She is such a happy baby I am so thankful to have her as our daughter she is our second blessing and we couldn’t have asked for a better blessing then her and our eight year old . Please vote for Nora and thank you ??

My name is Ygritte, "Iggy" for short. I am 2 years old and I love bouncing, dancing, and swimming. My favorite movie is Moana and I love to go to Disney World with my Grammy and Grandpa.

Sherelle Hatter
She's a A&B honor roll student she's going to the 7th grade and she's a Young Scholars recipient. I don't have much money to show her how proud of her I am.I would like to show her my appreciation by entering her in any child contests that are available.

Kylie Jade Carskadden
Kylie is an active fun loving little girl, who is affectionate and very smart she loves her family and loves to go to the pool and beach,Shes a real ham and loves the camera where shes poses like a model! Shes my great granddaughter and is very loved by her family and friends!??