Our Stories

Kingsley Brent Campbell
Kingsley is our true blessing, after 3 years of trying my wife and i had to turn to IVF and it was one of the hardest times we have had to go through not knowing if we were going to have a beautiful child. After 2 ivf try’s here he is. More beautiful and loving than anyone could ask for.

I was born a week late, and I was still very comfortable in my mother's tummy but little did I know that on January the 7th I had to be forced to come into this world because I did not have anymore fluid to swim around in. I don't know if that caused me to be born with one of my head fontannel's to be closed so at 4 month I had to have brain surgery to cut a piece of my head bone and remove it to let my brain grow and have my head re shaped. But through all of this I have never lost the smile on my face and here I am one year old, walking, talking,smiling hoping to change the world one day.

I am two-years old turning three-years in April of 2018. I know all my letters, I can count to 15, I know most of my colors, and I know most of my shapes. I love to dress up in my princess dresses but at the same time I love to play with my toy cars and trains. I love to ride my bike and play with my baby cousin.

Jamari is a very happy advanced chocolate baby boy that loves kisses from mommy and to be talked to all day! He also shares his birthday with his mommy, how adorable!!

I am 1 years old and love to play! This photo was taken at my aunt's wedding. I was the flower girl and danced the night away! I have a huge personality and steal the hearts of everyone around me. Please vote for me!

Ryder Smith
Hi ! My name is Ryder Smith ! I am 15 months old and boy do i have a lot of hobbies ! I love to run around and play with all my toys , go on hiking adventures with my parents , and provide lots of priceless moments captured on camera !! I love to smile so please make me smile even bigger and vote for me as the cutest baby!