Our Stories

My name is Reese. I love to play with my big sister and three puppies. I'm always smiling and giggling. Seems that my best talent is making others smile, giggle, and as happy as I am.

Skylar is one amazing little girl. Though born two months early she has soared through her first 10 months of life!!! She is a tough little girl who loves everything and everyone and is always smiling!

Isabella Renaye
Isabella Renaye was born January 1st, 2015, New Years Day baby. She arrived a month early ending up born premature, only weighing 6 lbs and 4 ounces. Born on a special day, Isabella had to remain in the NICU for a whole week dued to many complications but this amazing angel fought, and pulled through. She weighs 18 lbs now and is a healthy, gorgeous baby girl. Every single day when she goes places or just to go down the street people always say how gorgeous, and sweet Isabella is. Only takes one glance, a crack of a smile, a smirk, or wave from Isabella, and people fall in love. I'm proud to have the greatest gift God has ever given to me and to be her mother! Isabella Renaye Summers!

My name is Andrea solis I have 8 months my moms name is Angelica gaspar and my dads name is Andretti solis I'm very naughty and I have two sisters whom I keep bothering and to finish I love to let them know that big I what to be model

Please vote for our angel! Her smile is captivating and absolutely melts hearts. She is beyond a miracle and an inspiration through her high spirited personality!

I'Briahn Newborn
This photo is her n her bday party outfit. She just turned 1yr old on 8-6-15. I'Briahn is our miracle baby. She was borned a preemie weighing n at 1lb 14oz. The Dr's didn't think me are her was gonna make it. But the good man above,GOD himself thought different. So here she is a year later celebrating her 1st bday party 8-8-15. Minnie Mouse as her theme. So we give all praise to GOD an our family n friends who prayed for the both of us. Our precious Angel I'Briahn Miracle Lachelle Newborn