Our Stories

I'Briahn Newborn
This photo is her n her bday party outfit. She just turned 1yr old on 8-6-15. I'Briahn is our miracle baby. She was borned a preemie weighing n at 1lb 14oz. The Dr's didn't think me are her was gonna make it. But the good man above,GOD himself thought different. So here she is a year later celebrating her 1st bday party 8-8-15. Minnie Mouse as her theme. So we give all praise to GOD an our family n friends who prayed for the both of us. Our precious Angel I'Briahn Miracle Lachelle Newborn

Whittney Aucoin
The photo was taken back her Pop Pop was coming in from offshore and she wanted to look pretty for him. She is a very intelligent two year old who talks like she is five. Her favorite person is her Pop Pop and Gigi because we have been raising her since birth. She got a mini tiny horse named Sitch for her first day, who she loves. She also loves to ride our big horse rain. She is 100% cowgirl and will be a champion barrel racer one day. Everyone that meets her falls in love with her and her nick name is Whitt Whitt.

Selene Brenner
Our little Selene A Brenner is our gift sent from heaven. Her picture was taken one early morning after her morning bath and the morning sun reflecting on her just made her look like an angel.

Brandy is a beautiful Alaskan Native who is turning one on July 29! Here she is, supporting her auntie who is in the US Navy! Brandy's favorite thing in the world, besides her daddy, is her pacifier! She loves being outdoors! Brandy is spoiled and she knows it! Admit it, she is absolutely adorable! Please vote for Brandy! :)

hi my name is Sebastian jose alvarez Goodwin. I am one years old and was born on april.3,2014 in Athens,tn. I am a straight mommys boy. I love giving kisses and hugs but most of all I love the outdoors. mickey mouse is my favorite cartoon I have all his toys and watch all his shows in the morning. my mommy says I am one of kind ....

Isabella Gregory
My daughter isabella is amazingly smart she is only 2 knows her abc's and can count 1 to 50.... Her favorite tv show is tom and jerry and scooby doo.... She is my world.... Im a single mother and i love every moment of it.