Our Stories

Cason was born 6 weeks early. He spent 10 days in the nicu which was much shorter then they thought but he progressed so quick he didn't even need 2 weeks in the hospital. Since then he has grown to be a big bright eyed beautiful baby boy who loves to be around people. He loves to be snuggled and kissed. Loves to play and interact with whatever he can. He is an amazing baby who has always been adorable!

Rocco Mack Arnette
Rocco Has been through a lot medically this year but he has pulled through! He is the strongest most beautiful design person I have ever met. He will always smile and laugh at you and with you, and is the happiest baby I've ever seen!

Piper Rayne loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, swing, and sleep with her Mommy. She is always smiling and she never meets a stranger. She is one of the most precious gifts from Heaven.

Remington Griffin
Remington dipped her toes into Eagle Lake for the first time and loved it! Her smile says it all! She was at Baka (grandpa) and Nana's (grandma) house in Paw Paw, MI over Memorial Day weekend, 2015.

Layla Rose
Layla Rose was two months old in this picture. She loves to play dress up with mommy, smiling, and giggling. Pay attention to Layla and she will coo your ear off!!

MaKenna Johnston
This photo was taken when MaKenna was a few weeks old. They were supposed to be newborn pics where the baby is usually asleep but MaKenna refused to go to sleep so the photographer Megan Wilson decided to go ahead and get some beautiful awake pictures. I was speachless when I saw this picture of our baby girl. She takes my breath away. She has three big brothers and a big sister. She loves to smile and coo at us. She likes to practice standing and sitting up. She is very alert and has been since minute one of her being born. She came right out and opened her eyes to look around and see her new world. We are so very in love with her and feel so blessed to have her. She was born March 3, 2015. Her full name is MaKenna Maureen Gabriellen-Kay Johnston.