Our Stories

David Sisco
I am almost 7 months old. I love to watch swamp people and basketball. The Kentucky Wildcats and Texas longhorns are my two favorite teams. My mom is a stay at home mom, and also attends college. My daddy works on a farm. I have a beautiful 11 year old sister that I adore. I love animals. Please vote for me

Hi my name is Tiberius. My mommy named me that. She say im her special little guy. She told me the first time she held me she just fell in love with me. She will never let me go. She wants me to go to college and get a great career. She knows I'll do great things. She says I'm her best friend. She saveing all her money up to send me to college. She wants me to make it in this big world. Please vote for me.

Addison Nevaeh
Addie is my beautiful granddaughter ! I have Never been around any baby that not only "keeps a close eye on me" - she epitomizes the word FOCUS ! She literally sees everything that is going on around her and tries 100% to make sure she does not miss a thing ! Addie is 9 months old now and I have only heard her actually cry One Time ! She's a great baby, a great Grand-daughter , and a great human ! I truly hope the best for Addie in the life she has !

Bailey Mae
I am a Miracle Child! Many Doctors told Mommy that she had a low chance on getting pregnant. It took 5 years when Jesus created another miracle and gave Mommy and Daddy, Me! I was born in November 2014, a healthy baby girl. This picture was taken at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida and I was smiling at Mommy. I am the happiest girl and not very fussy. I smile at just about everyone! Being outside is one of my favorite things especially if Mommy and Daddy take me for a long walk. I also love going to Nana and Papa's house because they are really fun. I am hoping my daddy's website (AnnounceThatNow.Com) will take off and becomes a fulltime job so they can stay home with me every day. I am so happy to be selected to be one of Americas Most Beautiful Babies! I know my Mommy and Daddy are proud of me!

Hi my name is Gabriel. But everyone that loves me so so much calls me Gabe :) I was born on August 7, 2014. My favorite things to do are eat, crawl, fish, laugh, pull my sister's hair.

Cole peterson
My name is Cole and I'm 13 months old!! My mommy says I'm a handful but I don't know what that means lol! I love to play with doors and throw my food in the floor. My favorite toy is an elephant named Ellie I love her very much. I also love my mommy and daddy with all my heart and they love me with all of theirs. Lots of people tell my mommy that I'm the cutest baby they've ever seen!! I think all babies are cute but I'm definitely the cutest!! Please pick me to win the contest because I can't wait to use the money for college some day.