Our Stories

Ra'Kyiah my Pretty little Princess who just made 10 months she is just so precious that I had to share her to the world so go vote for my wonderful little girl PRINCESS PRETTY!!!!

Addison Nevaeh
This is Addison Nevaeh at One day olde, and she is just a precious child to be around! She was born on August 31st, 2014 and she is 9 months old today! She rarely crys, And she is intelligent! Addison Nevaeh has TaLenT!

Aubrey Faith Ballew - Born Monday March 23rd at 11:26pm - 7lbs 7.5oz - 19 3/4 inches long - This picture was taken the next day after she was born. She is our precious little angel!

Emmet Guernsey
Emmet is a very bright and curious child. He deeply loves his Mommy & Daddy. He plays with his dog Hugo and by 10 months old he was waiving bye bye and blowing kisses! He loves going for long walks and playing outside.

Chloe Grace
My name is Chloe Grace, and I am from Wichita Falls, Texas. I was born August 2014, and this is my first Easter. I enjoy talking, taking baths, and getting into everything!!!I love my mommy, daddy, and all my grandparents!

Jordon Brown
Hi my son Jordon Brown,was born prematurely he weighed 4lbs at birth. My son is a miracle him and his brother and his sister. Jordon was told that he would never hear because he was born too early. But with prayers GOD ANSWERED AND BABY BOY IS HEARING JUST FINE... HE WAS BORN 31WEEKS EARLY... BUT IS NOTHING BUT GOD..JORDON IS A MIRACLE BABY... *ASHLEY*