Our Stories

Baileigh Faye marie
This is baileigh, she is five months old in this picture. She is a very happy baby, full of smiles. Some would say she's spoiled, I just say she's loved a lot! I am so proud to say I have one of the most beautiful babies in america!!! Her Mommy, Tia Stearns

My name is Stormie Rena, I'm 1 year old. I have 2 older siblings, a brother and half sister. I'm a very entertaining, outgoing, and loving baby. I can sometimes be very tempermental though. I love my stuffed cow ?? and playing outside with my siblings. Please vote for me?

Kingston Spurlock
My name is Kingston Josiah Spurlock and I was born September 26, 2014 to my beautiful mother Destiny Johnson and handsome father Caleb Spurlock. I a am 5 months old and am very advanced for my age. Already saying hey and holding my bottles my mommy thinks I'm a genius.I would love to model and so would my mother lol.My smile melts hearts and my big ole innocent eyes do as well.Vote for me please , I will love you for ever and ever *muah*

Hi, I'm Ethan! I was very fortunate to make it here. My mommy had a hard time while carrying me. She and my dad did everything they could to make sure I made it here healthy, safe and sound. I am full of personality and I love to laugh and explore. I just made it to my 1st year February 24th, my parents were so excited. As you can see from this picture I have this walking thing down pact. Well, I have to get ready for my bath. Chat with you later!

Tristan is our April fools baby, he weighed 9lbs at birth, Tristan is very loving and enjoys playing with his older brother. Please vote for our precious baby boy.

Justyce Skye Marie Hollingsworth
Justyce Skye Marie Hollingsworth was born on July 25th 2014. I'm Hispanic, Caucasian, and African American. I weighed 7 lbs 10 ounces and 19 3/4 inches long. I'm a happy baby! I love eating smashed bananas and wiggling my toes. Can't eat solid food, but my first two teeth are popping in. I'm learning to crawl and love bouncing in the bouncer.