Our Stories

Aurora Williams
My name is Aurora Stella-Marie Williams and I just turned 9 months old! I Live with my Mommy and Daddy and my two sisters. I am a very energetic and happy baby! Please vote for me!

Shelby Hogue
Shelby is 9 months old. She was born 5 weeks premature on December 18th. She spent 6 days in the nicu because she had jaundice. We got to take her home the day before christmas! She is very healthy now. She has 4 teeth, is almost walking on her own, says mama,dada,nana,baba and papa. She loves grapes and pickles. She loves her momma and dada with all her heart. She smiles so much. And she is the sweetest baby ive ever met.

Bryce was born 7 pounds 9 OZ on 07/09/2018. He is a miracle baby. I went to preterm labor at 26 weeks. Made numerous trips to the hospital and spent several nights in the hospital. Despite all that, he made it to 40 weeks and a day. Healthy and handsome he is. We as his proud parents are very excited. Among the interesting hobbies like to do are; lostening to music, watching soccer and football on tv, smilling and eating. ????Please Vote for this sweet pea of ours.

So Oakley is currently five months, she is such a bright young lady.She is able to sit up by herself and loves being around people. As a very social baby she coos anytime she gets a chance and loves to smile. So please vote for her. :)

My name is Ameil ! My mom had me when she was only 7 months ! I was born on August 22 2018! My original due date is October 25 2018! I been in the hospital for almost a month now and I’m growing pretty fast !!!

Jayceon cobb
My son is going on 11 months and i just love everything about my baby he is so smart for his age and if we win the money will be going towards college