Our Stories

Jasmine is a healthy five month old girl. She has two teeth with one coming. She loves laughing and playing with her big sister and brother. Jasmine is a very advanced baby ready to learn and explore the world.

Xavier Brown
Hi my name is Xavier Brown and I am 9 yrs old. I am going into the 5th grade this year and love academics! I am also very athletic and I was on the 4th grade track team and placed in the top 3 every single track meet against whole school and some middle school students. I am in my schools pride of the tribe recognized for my achievements and named "rockstar of the track team"! I am an A B honor roll student and attending currently summer camp to keep my academic succexcellence on point and stay focused on being as successful as I can be. Don't get it wrong though, I do want to just relax and take a break but I know that I'm wanting to go to camp for field trips daily (fun trips that is) I want to be on the schools sports team for all my energy I have to get rid of, and know that there is always time for me and playing games after hours!

Autumn Driver
I am about to turn 2 years old on July 14, 2018. I have a lot of every and love to learn new things. Recently, I learned to count to 4 and say my alphabet up to D. I love to get in my mom's makeup and hide other people's things. I am a lot of fun. Please vote for me!!

We came from the peanut capital of the world and I developed a little hobby for crocheting. I decided that a peanut cocoon would be perfect for our new baby. A friend of ours brought a baby gift over for our revealing party and it just so happen to be the large elephant. It just went perfect with our new peanut!.

Khalil Hickman
Hi everyone! I wanted to share my son, Khalil's cute and totally lovable smile with the world. He is 11 months old and so loving. Please help me in voting and sharing! Thank you!

Kaisyn Brookover
Kaisyn is such a sweet, loving, funny, cuddle bug. He loves taking naps, watching cartoons and murder mysteries, and throughing his hands up and kicking his feet. He is always smiling and cooing. He loves attention due to the huge family he has. He is surrounded by lots of love.