Our Stories

Josiah Phipps
Josiah Phipps is a 4month old who has already had a rough time since birth he has been hospitalized on two different occasions in the Pediatric ICU and still Josiah would be happy. Every morning he wakes up smiling,that gives me positive vibes to start our day. Being a single mom is extremely hard. Money is very tight. If Josiah wins the baby picture contest with that $ i will open a bank account for him and when he turns 18 it will be his.

I love my mommy, I'm always wanting her to pick me up. Soon I will be walking, I'm now crawling, pulling up on things and getting into everything. I love to e a t and drink. My mommy is doing it all by herself, she is the greatest mom ever. I love my mommy!

Scarlett Lilianna
Scarlett Lilianna was born November 16th her parents are young highschool kids (15 and 16) who are determined to make this work and give her everything she needs. Her young father is already working while attending school full time. Her mother (my daughter) is also attending school full time and raising a new amazing little angel. She has no idea I have entered Scarlett in this contest. I know how much she can benefit from the prize money.... Not to mention my grandbaby is GORGEOUS!!!! So please VOTE FOR THE BEAUTIFUL BABY SCARLETT LILIANNA!!!

When Amira was born she was put in the nicu for 10 days she was on an oxygen mask and a feeding tube she nearly died but now she healthy and better then ever!

Ema Murillo
Ema was born a little over a month befor her due date and know she is a 9month super healthy baby she is very active and with much energy... She has brought our family joy very sweet and her little faurts are just the cutties to us...

Hi My name is Amara Rose Stover & I am 1 yr 4 months old. My favorite thing to do is watch baby shark & sing/dance along to it. Bath time is the best time. & I am such a happy girl. I have 2 loving parents, a little sister named Arabella, & Maggie & Loki, my 2 doggy’s.