Our Stories

Dallas Scott Loftin
Hi everyone! My son Dallas weighs about 15 pounds now, is almost 4 months old and is super alert. He loves to laugh, smiles, and try’s to sing an talk even tho the words don’t actually come out but ooohhs and Ewhhs. He is a people person and definitely loves attention. He is my sweetheart, he’s my world.

Seleta Castro III
Get for school God good she made alot their but been through pain hurting she protect her self became long way another that was very special to me to her God beautiful baby Seleta want for you .

Zy’yay Cori Henderson
Hiii everyone ! My name is Zy’yay Cori Henderson, I was born January 31st 2018 I am 1 years old . I am very active and fun to play with I love musical candy songs especially abc’s! I love laughing and smiling please vote for me thank you love you all!!!!

Sofiya Isabella Josbena
My name is Sofiya I’m from Fairbanks ALASKA. I have three Bonita sisters Jovana, Eyrica and R.I.P my lovely sister Mariah. My mom and dad are from very two different places. My mom was born and raised in Alaska and my father New York. I’m very blessed to be here to day my mom say I was hand pick for earth from my sister in heaven. They call me boo bear because of my snow suit maybe next contest I will enter a photo until then good bless

Nikko is a very energetic and happy baby. He likes to adventure and discover new objects and places and loves to eat... alot! Nikko has a joyful personality and loves meeting new people as he discovers more of the world ahead of him.

Aquiles Leon Feragola
Hello my name is Aquiles. I am a very happy one year old! I already love reading my books with mommy. This money will help with my college education. I know it’s something that once I learn nobody can take it from me. Thank you all for your vote!