Our Stories

Leilani Meysi Grace Crawley
Leilani was born January 23, 2017. She is very bright and funny. She loves to dance variety of music and her favorite movie is "Sing". She is the youngest out of a house of 3 children. She loves loves outdoors and dressing up and taking pictures.

A'Leah Marie
A'Leah Marie is 3 Months Old Shes A Very Happy Baby She's Always Smiling When I Walk In The Room She Make Me Feel Like They Happiest Person In The World.. 06/07/18

Pa’Ris Edwards
Pa’Ris Is 14 Days Old She Is So Goofy And Love To Sleep She Love Me Singing To Her.Pa’Ris Loves Being Rocked And Playing with Toys Her Birthday Is August 23,2018.

Tristan Payne
Tristan has fought medical problems since birth but that has never effected his sweet mood or beautiful smile. Though he has been through more than most babies go through at such a young age, he is still the happiest baby you will ever meet!

Mason Grindle
I was down a ride of destruction when I found out I was having Mason. I didn't think I could have kids. Well i went to rehab had a heathy lil not so lil lol 9 pounds 8 ounces bundle of joy and promised him because he saved my life i promise to do anything I could to give him a good life. I am not rich lord knows that but as long as I am doing whats right for him his happy. I love my son.

They usually call me the “ Miracle “ child or the “ blessing “ . The story behind why I am here today will just bring tears to your eyes & you’ll totally understand the love my family & friends have for me .