Our Stories

Brayden is a miracle baby I was told I wasn’t able to get pregnant so we decided to adopt my fiancé’s nephews that we had been fostering for 2 years well guess what a couple months after we said yes I found out I was pregnant! We adopted to boys August 17 and Brayden was born September 1st! It’s crazy how stuff happens like this!

Amari O'Shea Love Brown
This is my grandson Amari. He is such an amazing lil boy. He is always wanting to help with anything or anyone..He also loves to make people laugh. He is a Momma's boy for sure..He is so smart and always with a smile .

Christopher Tweed Jr
Christopher Jr is a very happy baby. He loves his mommy an daddy time. To giggle, take baths,& run freely As we play happily. Always smiling he's A very happy adorable fun loving baby Boy that is loved dearly.

I love this little guy he was born 4 lb 3 oz was fed by a tube in his nose he has accomplished so many goals being so small so proud of you Adrian you're handsome

Kyle James Ries Jr
Kyle Jr was born on April 6th and Kyle Jr brings so much joy everywhere we go. We were in line at Walmart and even a big scary biker guy saw him he smiled and laughed at the man and you can tell he melted his heart. He said "awww I would laugh at me if I were him!" Lol

My granddaughter is the apple of my eye. She brings me plenty Joy and happiness. So please will all my FB Family and Friends vote for the love of my life