Our Stories

Alexandra Latham
Hi I'm Alex I was born at 37 weeks weighing 6 lbs 4 oz. I love my mommy and daddy to pieces and I'm spoiled rotten by my whole family. ?? I love to smile, coo, and watch tv. ??

Hi! I’m Lucas, but they call me Luke! I livid in the Pacific Northwest and I am the happiest baby there is! I love to smile and butt-scoot around the house! I like to pet my dog! I love bananas!! Thanks for your vote!!

Hey everyone, my name is Cardell Jr. and I’m the most energetic, playful, smart, happy 1 year old you’ll ever come across! I’m so small with such a huge personality! I love dancing, sports, and playing with my mommy & daddy!

Percy is a 5 month old who loves to dance and smile. After being diagnosed with Laryngomalacia, it was a struggle to get her to gain weight. For months we tried everything we could, until one day Seattle Children’s Hospital suggested giving her more formula to help her gain the much needed weight. After a few weeks we started to see a significant change and our whole lives turned around. Now she is thriving and doing everything she can to get mobile and spread her cuteness all over.

Milani Gonzalez
Milani is just a happy baby and loving every minute of her little big life. She loves to go shopping with mommy and eating her fruits and vegetables. She loves Peppa Pig and Baby Shark! ?

Hi, my name is Novalee. I'm a little bundle of joy who enjoys other people's company. I dislike being strapped into my car seat, kisses and fitted beanies. I really enjoy feeding time, mommy and me time and baths. I can become impatient when theres a delay with my bottle preparation. I can hold a conversation of up to 1 minute. I smile at the sight of my mommy and daddy. I'm a happy baby.