Our Stories

My name is Taj I'm a ferocious little lion cute handsome and full of joy love to play in my playpen my jungle I'm very territorial as a lion should be LOL vote for me.

Rhonda Summers
Hi my name is Rhonda Louise Ann free Summers. I am 15 months old. I love animals and my family. I like to walk and eat and play with momma and daddy. I sure put a smile on everyone face.

Eliana Furtado
I didn’t know what love was until my sweet baby girl came into my life. She can brighten up anyone’s day and is so happy all of the time! Vote for Eliana Rose ??

Ka'Mari Love
Ka’Mari came out to be miracle child. I went through 2 miscarriages before her , & to finally have what I been wanting & been missing ! It’s nothing like a daughter love! She is the most wonderful baby ever ! She loves chilling & watching tv , & LOVES laughing! Get to know Mari !!!!!

Hi friends! My name is Kaylese Kelly. I'm 2 years old, so on to be 3. I was born on August 27th, 2015. I'm shy until I get to know you. I adore my big brother, I'm a DIVA, happy and enjoy each day. Vote for me

Liam is a 9 month old little man who is full of personality and expression he loves being surrounded by people and is very social he has two older brothers 13 and 9, they are his best buddies. Liam loves music and dancing and water play! Liam is an exceptional eater and recently had his Christening his favorite part was his cookies!