Our Stories

Hayden Blake Rubio Zacharias
Hello, my name is Hayden. I am almost a month old! Getting behind a camera is one of my favorite things to do, as you can tell. ;) I love sticking my tongue out, showing off my dimples, and brightening someone’s day every chance that I get!

Asher Zwaine
Hi! My name is Asher Zwaine and I am quite possibly the happiest baby! Everyone is always telling my mommy how adorable and happy I am every time they see me! I live with my mommy and our wolf pup. We have so much fun together, mommy works a lot but I always get to go with her and play with the other kids she cares for. My great grandmother kept telling me that I should enter contests, save up some college money! So here I am, vote for me!

Ivory rose
My name is ivory i was born December 9,2017 I am 8 months old born in San Antonio Texas I love to blow bubbles with my mouth and stuck my tongue out. I love to smile also

Meilanni audrianna rodriguez
My name Is meilanni and just love my baby gerber foods it’s so yummy. I love when it’s breakfast lunch and dinner time! Can’t wait until I can eat all the gerber foods.

Azilyah Sage Jefford
My name is Azilyah Sage, I’m 3 years old turning on 20! My personality is so bold, my imagination is out of this world! My favorite color is purple and I love playing with my baby dolls!

Raven Marie Bunch
Raven is a fun loving baby girl. She is very out going. She loves her vegetables and helping in the garden.She has a puppy named Rouger she helps take care of. When she is not napping she is a ball of energy.