Our Stories

Jaiden Mattox
Jaiden Anthony Mattox was born on March 28, 2018 in Jasper, Texas at 8:32 a.m. He’s a very bright eyes and active baby. Your votes would truly be appreciated for this bundle of handsomeness ??

Le’Bria Nelson
Hey I’m Le’Bria .. I was born October 30th 2016 ! I’m a only child & im a very happy baby. I love to give hugs and kisses to mommy! My mommy says I’m going to be a STAR!!!!

Kayden Daugherty
Hello new world my name is Kayden and I am 3 months old...My favorite hobbies are eating, eating, and eating, I am just a big boy all around with a weight of about 14 1/2.. I am starting to play with my rattles and I love to smile at my mommy and daddy every morning as I wake in my crib and cry for my first morning breakfast... so far my world has been great :)

Carter Devereaux
Hi my name is Carter I live in Alabama and I am 9 months old I I love to explore everywhere I go love to touch everything because everything feels different I am full of personality,laughs and smiles and I love everyone but do you have shy side from time to time,

Miss Leah iris is full of life and character for being only a few weeks old. Although She doesnt have much of a story yet, she is a huge blessing to our family. For her story is just beginning.

Da'Vontay Nelson Alston is a miracle baby boy after a 14 year long wait. I was told after having my first son and then a tubal pregnancy which took my baby as well as almost took my life, that I could not haveany more children. Aftrr having two corrective surgerys and years after i was still told I couldn't have any more babies and then 13 years later here you are.