Our Stories

Jah'Bless Smith
Hi my son name is Jah'Bless Smith and he would love to win this contest. He is a very energetic person who loves to sing and watch sports. Thanks for all the support!

Amairih Johnson
She’s such a loving little girl. Full of joy and as you can see, full of smiles. She just melts your heart and maybe even make you catch baby fever...!!!

Alice Kismet
Alice Kismet is our fate, our destiny. After raising our blended family of 5 children we decided to have one of our own. She is the result of a tubal reversal and is perfect!

Kyla Parks
Hello Everyone I'm Mariah Kyla Mothers Kyla Just Turn A Month Old On Yesterday She Was Born On May 13 ,2018 A Bundle Of Joy I Have Came In My Life. She's An Happy Baby Smile Keep my Day Going I Would Like For Everyone To Vote For Her

This is an amazing child. She is my friends baby she is very photo genic child. Her mom is a single mother and this adorable child smiles alot and has such a warming personality about herself.

We would lime for Skylyn to win for her nanny who passed away vefore meeting her granddaughter. Skylyn loves her family and is always so happy. Her personality is so vibrant it rubs off on everyone who meets her.