Our Stories

Eva Lombardi Granddaughter.
This is my Granddaughter Eva Lombardi. She's the sweetest gift from God. Her Daddy passed away in November 2018. God Bless Him and Happy Father's Day To My Son.

Rowland Matthews
Rowland Matthews is a wonderful child who suffers from ADHD he graduated to middle school this year. We had no money to purchase him graduation clothes he was still very happy to be graduating. I'm so proproud of Rowland and all his success making it this far, getting through the school year wasn't easy I THANK GOD HE MADE IT'D through all his challenges. God bless my baby. Thank you all so much

Alizah hall
had my tubes tied six years ago and never Thought having another child was going to be Apart of this life life but to show that the man Upstairs has other plans for my life as i question what is next and how to plan this unexpected blessing I but a prince and a blessing from our father i no I can not take anytime iam given forgranted anylonger I hope all his dreams are made possible as well as A bright future is all i hope to make possible for this little man he is such a blessing and has truly saved my life.

Julian is always happy laughing..he makes your heart melt he was 4 weeks early,but you would never guess it. He loves his older brother Ethan and sister Emalia

Thyda Som
Thyda is a very down to earth little girl. She take that frown off your face all the time when you feeling down. She loves her siblings very much. She's the youngest out of 5 siblings included her. She loves to sing and dance. She's very out spoken and loves to help one another. She's my world my everything ????

Samuel Walker Ward
This little Tike holds his own spoon, Loves wearing out the name mama, almost starting to walk, already loves to dance, but loves classical music, and has already used two cruse words while made one night over at his grandmothers house..He has a hard head, little emotional and Laughs when he cries. lol His Big 1 Birthday is around the corner and all he wants is to swing, swing on a hot summers day!