Our Stories

Aaliyiah had a tough start at life....but she is a fighter..she has overcome a lot of obstacles including being a canidate for SIDS....now she is fightung for votea. Pkease cote for this child cause she is as full of life as she is beautiful. Ily Aaliyiah Grandpa P.

Ariana pierce
My name is Ariana Williams pissed I'm 6 month old and have hip dysplasia and the happiest baby ever even though I'm in a lot of pain I hide it well I'm thank full to be here and God blesse

Audree Eliza
Born March 14,2019. She loves to smile even when she's asleep. She is the most happiest little girl! She loves to babble and cue to you! She can brighten anyone's day! She's so loving and adorable!

Michael Jr
I ama little brother to two sisters. I love when dad makes noises. My favorite place in the whole world is being held by mommy. Don’t know what I’m going to grow up to be yet but I’m sure I will be awesome at whatever I want.

Tyler Joseph Misuraca
hey y'all that handsome young man in between two gorgeous woman is me. my Mommy is on the left of me and my auntie Kelly is on my right. i was born June 20th 2011 at Marin a general Hospital in California. i came into this world at 10:13am weighing in at 7lbs 1oz and 19 1/4 inches long. my Mom has been my soul provider all my life and she does everything she possibly can to make me happy! above everything else in this world i love my mom and i am truly blessed to call her mine! I maybe older then a baby now but i am confident you will find me as a handsome baby who deserves all the votes and to win this cuz its all going to go to my coll3ge education!!

Messiah lay
My son messiah is one of the coolest most funniest kids u will ever meet he doesn’t cry he always smiling. He is just one happy baby that loves people.