Our Stories

I am 7 months, I love my mommy & daddy. My daddy has been deployed for 7 months. So mommy finds things for me to do. She takes tons of pictures of me, and of course sends them to daddy. I love playing with my toys & toes! I can crawl and even back talk already ??

Christian was born with a rare condition called gastroschisis , his intestines were born on the outside of his body and he had to fight for his life , he spent 4 months in the Nicu and now he is a testimony of how he over care his disease and looks adorable doing it

Mr. Hunter here is 6 months old he is just a bundle of joy always smiling and giggling I promise you he will make your heart melt vote for my baby please XOXO.

Jack Stanley
Hi my name is Jack Stanley Gipson. I was born October 1st. I am named after my great great grandfather Jack sharp, and my great uncle Mark Stanley. I hear they were both great men. One loved to fish, the other loved sports. I cannot wait to grow up and go fishing and play football just like them! I already love my little shark animal, and watching football on tv.

Stefan McDanel
Hello! My name is Stefan Taylor McDanel. I am 18 months old! I love bath time and my mommy and daddy. I have big blue eyes and sandy blonde hair. I love to sing and dance too!

J'Siah Martell Robinson
Hello my name is J'Siah, im the son of Amber and J'Angelo, iam from missouri and I'm 5 months old, i weigh 18 lbs and im 25 inches long. I love to play peek a boo, i love to giggle an smile, my favorite food is carrots and peaches.