Our Stories

Liam is currently 4 months old and is the most wonderful Happiest and funniest little man we have had. Liam is mommy and daddy's baby monkey, Liam loves being on the go. Liam is and has been working so hard to roll over. He also tries very had to climb over a nursing pillow and laying on his tummy

Penelope Rose
Hello there ! I am Penelope Rose Zamora, I am 6 weeks young! Haha (: I love momma’s milk, I love books being read to me and I also think Grandma is pretty funny. I was born on December 14, 2018. When I came into the world, everyone noticed my smooth white complexion, I loved all the compliments!! I have 5 dogs, my mom said “ Baby Penelope you cannot play with them till you are a bit older.” I also have 1 cat, his name is KeechMonster! I would love to win the $1,000, so momma can buy me many many pampers, because I sure do love to eat!! Haha <3

He is the sweetest, cutest, most fuzzy and cuddly little babyman. <3 He is a little ham bone. Always with a grin and steals your heart with his beautiful blue eyes <3

Seth is a one of kind baby. Super Seth was born from two normal parents but just like Superman, Spider-Man, and other popular DC and Marvel comics book heroes, he is an unlikely hero! He triple poops and triple pees and can clear a room with a single toot!

I am 7 months, I love my mommy & daddy. My daddy has been deployed for 7 months. So mommy finds things for me to do. She takes tons of pictures of me, and of course sends them to daddy. I love playing with my toys & toes! I can crawl and even back talk already ??

Christian was born with a rare condition called gastroschisis , his intestines were born on the outside of his body and he had to fight for his life , he spent 4 months in the Nicu and now he is a testimony of how he over care his disease and looks adorable doing it