Our Stories

Max has been able to take his monthly photoshoots aligned with the holidays this year and December has been his best month so far. He felt festive and so did mom so we had fun getting this shot.

Ka'Ryan Jaden Humphrey
Ka'Ryan is my rainbow baby. 2 years ago I lost a son. He was so little and the world was not ready to accept him. My little rainbow of sunshine is Ka'Ryan. Not only did god bless me with him. But he even made him unique and special just for my husband and I. I love him so much and I want the world to accept him and what he has to offer. He is so precious to me. It would mean the world if you can let him know just how precious he is.

Tristan Phillippi
Tristan is a happy fun loving boy who loves smiles and always lights up a crowd. Despite a rough start from birth (3 months preemie) Tristan is making wonderful progress and loves making his mark by bringing happiness to all he encounters

I’m a very happy, six month old baby boy. My favorite game is peak a boo, I also love story time. I like to watch football with my “Maamom” and Papa and play with my dogs. I will talk to just about anybody and I love to take pictures.

Abbiegail loves going out to the park. She's a very outgoing and oh so smart little girl. At 5 months she's already walking. She's so little, but so big.

Nikko is a very energetic and happy baby. He likes to adventure and discover new objects and places and loves to eat... alot! Nikko has a joyful personality and loves meeting new people as he discovers more of the world ahead of him.