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Lily is a very smart out going 1year old, whom loves cars, baby dolls, and dancing! Lily is the center of mommy and daddy's world. Because of her the world has become an even better place. Everyone she meets is sure to smile! Comments

Hey, my name is Atticus. Most people call me Weeman though, or my momma calls me her little nugget because I’m so chunky. I’m quite the catch ;) So vote for me and adore my cute jelly rolls and adore my smile ??

Sy’King Hubbard
Sy’King is a smiling joyful and happy 6 months old baby. He enjoys eating his feet and playing with his siblings. His favorite food is anything. He is the most happy smiling baby you would ever encounter. Fun fact his hair is actually red.

Hello everyone my name is Emri..im 7 months old,and a very happy birthday:-)I love being outside with my big brother,and I also love bath time,kicking my feet and splashing.i can say a few words but my favorite word is dada:-)

Nataleigh Sazama
Hi everybody! Nataleigh is an adorable baby, she’s so full of life and loves to smile and laugh about everything. She will be 10 months in a few days. She’s a daddy’s girl. Give her a vote please.

Erin Green
Hello! My name is Erin and I am nine months old. I am a relaxed baby and love food! Food of all types. My favorite things to do are: play with my big sister, being read to, and talking to anybody that will listen. I am very friendly and loves everybody. Thank you for voting for me!