Our Stories

Brandon Broga jr.
This is my 5 month old son Brandon , He is already starting to look like a little man, He is so full of life and Has a smile that would light up a room He’s a happy and a very good baby .I am very blessed to have such a great son there’s nothimg I would not do for him . Love you Brandon

Born a micro preemie at just 24 weeks gestation and weighing just 1lb 0.5oz RebeccaGrace beat the odds and is a healthy fun loving little girl. She is truly our miracle rainbow baby. Her curiosity and cute little expressions warms the hearts of everyone around her. She loves to dance and watch her favorite shows like Puppy Dog Pals and Fancy Nancy. Her unique smile and long eyelashes are contagious and are always being complemented by everyone.

Ah’Liyah Ventry
This is Ah’Liyah Lynn She is a very happy baby she loves going outside she loves pets she also loves be she is friendly an very respectful she says thank you an your welcome and etc Can you Vote for my Daughter Please ??

Lexi Renee Stevenson
Lexi is 2 1/2 years old. She is the sweetest, funniest, and most mischievous little girl that you’ll ever see. Whenever she enters a room, her smile captives her audience. She is so outgoing and lovable. She is going to change the world one day. Her smile says it all!

Marky is the sweetest 2 year old boy you could ever meet! He has two older sisters and and older brother! He has a loving mother and lots of aunts who love him unconditionally! We want to use the money from the contest to decorate His and his brothers room because this is the first house we have all had together! Thank you ??

Josiah was born at just 22 weeks gestation reason is unknown, weighing 1lb 9oz and measuring 12" in length. He spent his first 4 months in the NICU due to extreme prematurity, low birth weight and while his stay there he had 3 surgeries on his head due to hydrocephalus, 1 of those surgeries resulted in a VP Shunt placement. He had chest tube after chest tube placed due to air pockets on one of his lungs, he also had injections in his eyes due to (ROP) Retinopathy Of Prematurity. He had a hernia surgery and in spite of everything he has been through he is a very happy baby, always smiling and full of life.