Our Stories

Yoli sale
Yolandi ava sale is was born March 16 2016. She's the happiest baby in the world and deserves the best things in life. She's super smart and watches barney everyday. A blessing to say the least.

Ayden is very energetic and wants to be a Dr when he grows up so he can take care of his family. He makes sure he eats all his fruits and vegetables so he can be strong. ??

I had a real tough pregnancy. My doctor's took me off a bunch of medications, I have had two back surgeries so I am in a lot of pain daily, and I am almost 40, so I was so tired all the time. We went into hospital thinking I would deliver naturally. Nothing for me has ever gone as planned. So I pushed for 5 hours and Sam just wasn't going to make his grand entrance. So I had an emergency C-section. I got really sick in the operating room. I was miserable until they showed me the little guy that had given me and my body such a fit. He was precious and still is. He's an amazing baby.

Lessie Harris
Lessie is a survivor of heart failure. When she was born she was diagnosed with heart failure she was put on lasics at 5 weeks old. We have been through a lot with this beautiful baby in and out of the hospital and heart docs. She is our miracle baby.One day at the age of 9 months old we went to her check up appt to do ultrasound on her heart to make sure everything was doing OK and we got the best news ever.... Her heart fully recovered and she no longer needed her meds she is now the happiest little girl ever and is so active. She loves to take pics and posse for the camera she is truly a blessing from god.

Olivia has so much personality for her age. Everywhere we go people stop just to tell me how precious and happy she is. She lights up the room when she walks in.

Julia Ana Pol
My baby girl was born on October 2nd she was 3weeks early but grew as if she was full term. She's been a blessing ever since. Our pagent queen blows kisses, waves,claps and very friendly. Her smile brightens up the room and her dimples bring joy to all. Vote for Julia Ana Pol.