Our Stories

Liam Alan Patterson
I was born December 29th 2018 @ 8:39am I’m a tough little guy and calm n quiet unless someone wipes my bottom with a cold wipey. My Gigi thinks I’m the cutest. Maybe you all will, too.

Serenity Emani Jacobs
Serenity Emani Jacobs was born on 1-15-2019 @10:22 and she told me being a model is one of her goals so here I am as her father telling you about my precious little gift from God. Please vote for her...Thanks

Darlah Cabell
Darlah is 9 months old, she loves to play and loves her siblings. She found her favorite smile, has a bright outgoing personality, and can brighten up anyone's day. Has brown hair ocean blue eyes.

Damariae(He is a twin??)
My name is Damariae I am a twin. I have a twin sister we are blessed to be here with the complications mom had during pregnancy we are healthy and Perfect!

Levi Alfonse King
Hi I'm Levi King I'm a miracle, I am the Son of a Pastor & Wife my mommy is 40 and my daddy is 53 I'm my mommy's& daddy's pride and joy, my heart rate dropped twice during my delivery and I was born with a top knot in my cord but Jesus had his big strong hand covering my life and now here I am, I'm strong smart and beautiful God is good to me and my family my name is Levi because my grandfather was a wonderful man of God, and my father is wonderful man of God, and one day I will be also. God has special plans for my life I love people and I know no stranger, I love my mommy and my daddy very much.

Devin is a month old. He was born two weeks early at 6 pounds and 14oz. He loves to smile and watch his mobile. He loves to cuddle and have someone talk to him.