Our Stories

Lexington Brown
I am my mommy second miracle baby Lexington Brown decided to bless us with her presence in April and has been an abundance of joy ever since Lexington is almost 4 months old at birth Lexie Pooh weight 5lbs 11oz she has grown into a healthy, beautiful, baby girl. Lexie love to project herself anytime there's a Camera. Always happy with a smile on her face. She is such a sweet baby and Love to give mommy kisses. Everyone loves her smiles&Laughs. She so serious in this picture. Vote for me everyone the prize would go to a great cause!!! Cutest Baby Girl Ever?

Precious baby Lornell born 2 & ahalf months early birthing into the world at 2lbs & 11oz Lornell is 8 months at 23lbs now full of joy, laughter & fun. Lornell is strong, healthy, very energetic, funny, smart, alert & did i forgt handsome. He likes to eat lots of fruit & vegstables. Glad to see baby Lornell change your frown into a smile?? #Vote4Lornell?

Isabel-Marie was born on December 31, 2014, as a New Years Eve baby. She is a very energetic and loving child, and would definitely appreciate your vote!

Little miss Chevy came into this world on August 20,2015. Unfortunantly, because of the Military her daddy was unable to be there for her birth and he will also be missing her 1st and 2nd birthday but we have him in our hearts! She is super proud of her daddy who is a U.S Marine and although hes away right now Chevy, mommy, and her two puppies are cheering him on back home!

Aliegha Jo'Ann
Aliegha, meaning "to go up" in Arabic, has very high expectations for herself in the future. She wants to be a Doctor that travels around the world. At the age of 7 she is on the right track to being successful. She is currently in a gifted program at school and always does the best she can. I have received numerous compliments of how helpful Aliegha is in school with her peers as well as her respect for them and her teacher. Aliegha is a role model to many of them including my self. She always believes in her self and maintains a positive attitude no matter how challenging life or school or friends can be. A picture couldn't capture all of the qualities I admire about her and hopefully everyone else will too.

Mackenzie Claire Shuman
Hi! My name is Mackenzie Claire Shuman. Everyone calls me "Kenzie". I am 2 years old. I can count to ten and I am learning to count higher. I know all of my colors and my ABC's. I love to color, sing songs, and play with my friends. I have two brothers whose names are Kaleb and Klay. Kaleb is 13 and Klay is 10. I love them very much. My mommy is my best friend and my daddy is too. I love to be outside and I love to swim and play at Wild Adventures. Now I can ride a lot of fun rides there since I am tall enough. I love to see all of the animals too!